Industry Work

Apart from all the shows I make, I also appear at audio fiction events, imparting wisdom and assistance like an old, drunk owl. Cross-eyed and hooting madly. Flying into walls.

Audio Drama Panel, PodUK

February, 2020

Hosted by Ella Watts, we spoke about representation in podcasting, building communities, and managing productions. I made such an immediate impression of pessimism that every time my co-panellist Alex Newall said the word ‘cynical’, he looked directly at me.

How to Make an Actual Play, PodUK

February, 2020

A remastered, director's cut of the talk I gave at the London Podcast Festival 2019. Included new tips about production and social media, and new voiceover at the end where you find out I'm a replicant.

How to Make an Actual Play, London Podcast Festival

September, 2019

The first outing of my Actual Play talk with Ellie Sparrow from Flintlocks & Fireballs. We spoke about how to take a roleplaying game from the table to the airwaves and not die in the process, informed by my many years' experience of dying horribly in the process.

Judge, DQ Scriptwriting Competition

August, 2019

I was selected as one of three judges in the Dashingly Quirky Scriptwriting Competition. I was very honoured to be given the opportunity to help new writers. I just wish they'd let me wear my judge's wig.

Judge, ADPP Scriptwriting Competition

February, 2018

I was selected as one of three judges in the Audio Drama Production Podcast's scriptwriting competition. They were a lovely, supportive group, to which I brought a much-needed dose of chaos and suspicion.

Audio Drama Panel,

Oxford Writers' House

November, 2017

An event for aspiring writers, we discussed writing for audio and the managing independent productions. Before I even said a word, I managed to lose the room with a podcast trailer that accidentally went on for five minutes.