New Stuff!

What's up, Maxy-J?

Even the best-laid plans can be derailed, and ours weren't exactly the best-laid plans. Force majeure global catastrophes aside, I think we did fairly well in 2020. No, we didn't manage to get Down out completely. And our production schedule for MarsCorp 2 was set back by a year. But Definitely Human managed to survive, and that's something we're very grateful for.

We've been doing Listen Along events of The Infinite Bad. They are still going on, we're about half way through as I write this, and you can follow the schedule at the Definitely Human Twitter, or the Infinite Bad Twitter. You can join us on Discord to chat along as we all listen to the show. It's been a good laugh so far.

We've completed the main bulk of recording for MarsCorp 2 now, so I am moving on to work on RPG shows. I've got a few in the bag, but I'm trying to choose one to focus on so that I can deliver something before the end of the world. I have not been entirely successful in that.

I'm also breaking down a couple of new ideas in the hope they will blossom into IDEAS. While my garden is already dense with the latter, it's the former that threaten to strangle me. We have to graduate or destroy them. This tells you nothing, of course, but then you might have expected that.

It's been a very weird year. Not an entirely bad one. A year of changes. But how are you?