New Stuff!

What's up, Maxy-J?

We launched a new Definitely Human show to absolutely no fanfare, and with good reason. Hello Humans is what I'm affectionately calling our 'junk drawer', despite protests from David and Mattthew. It's basically where we'll put all the stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else. Sort of like the cable box under your TV. Or the 'spice rack' that has everything but spices in it. Or grandma's old bedroom (RIP).

We're using it to publicly publish some episodes of the old Hello Humans from Patreon, and it'll serve as a ramshackle home for new ideas, like David's action-packed Trawlermen episode, a comedy about inept medieval knights called Chivalry!, and Jon Day's unique brand of chaos. It's a lot of fun!

And honestly, it's just a relief to have somewhere to publish all the ideas we have that don't warrant a long, twelve-episode season with fifty actors, but that we still really want to make. What with our intimidatingly-ambitious upcoming shows Glimmer and Scum!, it can feel like all the work we're doing will only start paying off in three or four years' time, so we really needed somewhere we could mess around, and immediately enjoy the product of our toil. This will – despite looking like a descent into madness – help keep us on the golden path.

So, go check out Hello Humans on Spotify, or Apple, or Acast, or wherever.

On which subject, we've also got new shows in development that we're excited about. One of them involves a spooky murder! Another one involves multiple murders! A third one- actually... I think... they all... hmmmm... Ok, better abandon that train of thought. Oh my god, look, it's Smash Mouth! *runs*