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New Stuff!

What's up, Maxy-J?

Work continues apace. That's what I tell people at parties, who obviously don't deserve to be burdened with the boring specifics. Alternatively, that I'm 'beavering away' or 'keeping on trucking'. But as drunk as I am right now, we're not actually at a party, are we? So I think I can venture more detail.

While MarsCorp 2 editing is ongoing, David and I are writing and planning for the next phase of the Definitely Human Audio Universe. Together we're writing FCR, a Bunker-style twelve-episode variety show that should be way, way easier to produce than MarsCorp. Technically easier to produce than The Bunker was as well, but back then our collaborators had more spare time and recording in person was easy.

I've hit the accelerator on Matthew's ~other project~, which was 70% recorded already, and I'm going to finish the casting and recording, then do all the post-production myself. That's six episodes of 30-40 minutes each. And I'm deep into the writing of my Henry VIII comedy, which I'd like to record concurrently with Matthew's show. That'll be ten by ten initially, but I know exactly where the next season would go, and the Special after that, so I could go straight into writing those after finalising the first set of scripts.

All of this, with maybe a potential RPG show, maybe another Matthew Original, should mean that when MarsCorp 2 is ready for release, we can put out a wave of new material and build some momentum. The problem with fiction podcasts is that they take so long to produce, and in between seasons and shows you lose most of the audience you've built. So we sort of have to do this in phases: a period where we don't release anything, then a period where we release everything back-to-back. Needless to say, being out of the pandemic helps a lot too.

2023 is already a year of great productivity, and when we start releasing things, we're not going to stop for a couple of years.

So it's all looking good! Despite the fact we're not at a party, let's get another drink. We deserve it.

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