New Stuff!

What's up, Maxy-J?

Hot off our success with Listen Along events for The Infinite Bad and Pax Fortuna!, we're continuing with a weekly Listen Along of The Monster Hunters. And by 'we', I of course mean 'Definitely Human'. And by 'Definitely Human', I mean our loyal and eternally-enthusiastic friends 'Matthew Woodcock and Peter Davis'. I personally am doing precious little – mainly patrolling and sweeping up loiterers.

There's more scintillating success in the works too, with Glimmer just about visible on the horizon, and MarsCorp 2 loping towards us with fire in its eyes. And Down? Why, it's right behind you! We were on the cusp of investing in an iron lung for poor, Covid-stricken Tom, but he's been feeling a lot better and is ready to head back down the content mines and shovel up some more gold. For you. All for you.

If you haven't joined the Definitely Human Discord and you'd like to sit in on our Listen Alongs, you should look it up on Twitter. I'm not going to put the Discord invitation link here because spambots never sleep and we'll be inundated with adverts for cat litter or erotic audio stories or something, but it's very easy to find.

As I leave, please imagine a crescendo of electric guitar distortion and then a smash cut to black when the drums kick in.