New Stuff!

What's up, Maxy-J?

My current show is Down, a 24-episode sci-fi thriller set on a high-tech submarine. That's releasing every week until the end of June.

Look at this cover artwork.

My god, the beauty of it!


This is a new kind of show from Definitely Human: it is not a comedy. Oh sure, there are a few laughs, but if you take any joy from Down, that is completely besides our intention.

The big upcoming projects I'm involved in with Definitely Human, aside from MarsCorp 2 of course, are Scum, which is our pirate sitcom, and The Restoration Society, which is a 48-episode horror-soap. I'm currently in the process of re-writing the Scum scripts; it was going to be in production this year, but for apocalypse-related reasons will have to be pushed. The Restoration Society is in a much earlier stage, and David Knight and I are still working out the characters and arcs. That was going to be releasing from next year, but we'll see where we are with DH stuff when we emerge from the lockdown.


There are also a couple of new actual play shows in the planning and writing stages, and a new, slightly different season of Pax Fortuna!. If the lockdown eases by the autumn, then hopefully those will be appearing at the start of next year. Who knows.

I'm working with Giorgio Mariani on a roleplaying game that we were hoping to announce soon, but again the breakdown of society has scuppered that a little. It's a fairly mammoth endeavour because I'm trying to write the rulebook and six to twelve adventures before we even announce anything. I'm soldiering on with it, but the timeline has been wiped completely.

The third season of the awesome fantasy medical sitcom Alba Salix will be coming out sometime – I don't know exactly when, but Sean & Eli from Fable & Folly will be announcing dates to great fanfare, I'm sure. I've written a mini-episode for them, along with three other audio fiction writers. When that comes out, I'll link it here.

Other than that, I'm keeping on with the usual. Contact me if you've got any good gossip, or want to fund one of my audio drama pitches. I do love a gossip.