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Pax Fortuna!

Roleplaying Podcast, 2019

Pax Fortuna! is a comedy roleplaying show set in the fantasy merchant republic of Fortuna. In 30-minute episodes, a revolving door of characters go on stupid misadventures and try not to get each other killed.


There are six stand-alone adventures across 26 episodes, with the same production ethos of The Infinite Bad, making it a very accessible way to dip your toe into roleplaying shows.

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...or search for 'Pax Fortuna' on your podcast app.



Almira Q Appleby

Theodore Brandlebury

Selwyn Bloodstorm

Abstinence de Montfault

Sir Victor Bartelemi

​Tony the Shrimp

Alfonso Boyo

Luca from Tuca

Joanie Formantelli






Maxamillian John

Eleanor Koller

Giorgio Mariani

David Knight

Charlie May

Elizabeth Smyth

Tom Dalling

Harry May

David Price

Jade Fitton

Tom Dalling, Maxamillian John, David Knight

Maxamillian John

Jonathan Day

Eric Chow

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